Michael Lyn

Composer and Guitar Instructor

Broaching the boundaries of Sonic Architecture for the creation of Hybrid Music!

Michael Lyn

Composer and Guitar Instructor

Broaching the boundaries of Sonic Architecture for the creation of Hybrid Music!

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Composer - Song Writer & Guitar Instructor

What We Do
With over 30 years experience as a songwriter, teacher and performer in both ensemble/band as well as solo classical, flamenco, blues, rock and worship performances... we have been there to reflect our experience to your needs.

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I can share about myself as much as I want, but what matters most is what our past customers have to say.
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Guitar Playing Examples for Beginners
We also provide Guitar lessons for all levels as well as song writing lessons to teach the basics harmonic foundation of song structure and the creation of music itself. Have a look at some examples of basic tunes.
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Michael Lyn With Guitar
Michael Lyn Playing Electric Guitar

Available for Performances

With over 30 years of experience with guitar of the most popular styles including classical, rock, R&B and more.

How to Hire Michael Lyn
The best way to connect with me is to call, email or simply fill out the form on the contact page. You can also call or text at (661) 857-1717.

Quality and Reliability
Then, once the preparations for the performance is underway I'm reliable and helpful, working closely with the team to insure success.

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The best way to contact Mike is to call directly, or visit our contact page and complete the form.

Lynn G Revoew for Michael Lyn

Lynn G

Santa Clarita, CA

My son took his first guitar lesson with Michael today. He was so friendly and so knowledgeable. He gave great tips on learning guitar. He even went over our time but didn't charge us!! My son enjoyed his time. I definitely would recommend Michael.

Collection Guitars, Amps and Accessories! Occasionally We Offer One for Sale!

There are many amazing guitars in the world and as a professional guitar player, I own a number of very special guitars. On occasion, I even offer one for sale. We also offer inexpensive starter guitars for our brand new students.

Fender Delux Amp

1964 Vibro Champ 1984 Charvel Strat Guitar

Nice Set Up!

Nice Set Up!

58 Watkins Amp 66 Fender Mustang Base Guitar

Pretty Ain't It?

Supro Amp & Gibson 59 VOS Les Paul Guitar

Pretty Ain't It?

62 Watkins Amp & 56 Custom Shop fender Strat Guitar

62 Watkins Amp

Studio Location

The music studio is located in Newhall of Santa Clarita. Generally, I'm available for performances in all of the Greater Los Angeles area.

For some performances we sometimes travel outside our primary service areas so be sure to reach out and let's have a discussion.

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