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Anthony Matarazzo

Grandfather of Student

My 14 year old grandson Blake, said that he wanted to learn guitar, so we searched many of the studios in Santa Clarita and spoke to several of the teachers. They all seemed ok, but when I called Micheal Lyn Music and spoke to Michael, it was a whole different ball park. He was so down to earth and his personality stood out above the others. It was like as if I had known him for a lifetime and even though there was an age gap between he and Blake, he jelled in perfectly with him.

As far as Michaels ability to teach? Well let me put it this way. Within 5 weeks Blake was reading and playing music in that short time and performed 3 complete Christmas songs for all of us on Christmas eve. We were blown away, so if you're looking for an excellent teacher with an unbelievable personality and talent that's very, I mean very reasonable for one on one lessons, then look no further and call Mike. Believe me, you won't regret it.

Blake Cornish


This guy is impertinent to the start-up guitarist as well as the intermediate or advanced guitarist and a short question and answer of his knowledge base and experience will make this most evident.

Johnny Rivera


Michael Lyn is by far one of the best musical instructors and teachers in the entire L.A. area. He is a consummate professional, gifted communicator, and patient instructor. My son has done leaps and bounds under the musical direction of Michael Lyn, and continues to grow rapidly. To anyone seeking an outstanding or shall I say extraordinary musical instructor, look no further. This guy is a beast, in all music genre's and has rocked with the best of them.

Al Ferguson


I’ve played guitar some 63 years both professionally and guitar tutorship. “Few” can teach guitar with the needed “connection” and “energy” that Michael Lyn exhibits. His approach is like none other. Further, he is adept in all genres which puts him far out front in this heavy field of music education.

Hayden Gonyea


Lyns a super experienced player and a really great teacher. He can listen to pretty much any song and teach it to you.

Mary Gregory

Child Care Provider

I've been watching Michael's latest Culloden video and it's terrific! He wrote the music himself and I love that he physically played and arranged each instrument heard in the video. So much of the music we hear these days is digitally created so it's refreshing to see someone talented enough play multiple instruments at such an advanced level. It's obvious, Mike is a creative and talented artist. I highly recommend Michael Lyn to anyone in need of a songwriter and composer.

Cindy S.


I have the pleasure of hiring musicians for my event clients. I have used Michael Lyn for many years. He has pleased each of my clients. He has so much talent and can play such a variety of music. Not just talented, but also very professional.

Jon M.


I have taken guitar lessons with other teachers but nothing compares to Michael classes! He has the knowledge & expertise that will spin ur head around! In a short amount of time I have learned so much! Every class he provides new material along with new ideas and I look forward to his classes!

Jeff Byrd


I’ve worked with Mike for over a decade at Champs Charter High & various recording dates & he is one of the most considerate, knowledgeable and dynamic guitarists, teacher and songwriter I have worked with. From Hendrix to Bach he lives the stuff

Eljie G.


Michael is a great guitar player and teacher. He has taught me ever since I started playing and he is currently teaching me how to play classical guitar. Not many people are as knowledgeable as Michael, especially for classical and flamenco guitar, which is hard to come by now a days.

Amy Teoli


Our son Jack has been taking lessons with Michael for about four months now. Truly wish we would have brought him to Michael sooner as he loves learning and playing guitar so much! I took lessons from Michael about 10 years ago and I would bring Jack with me from time to time. He was just a little guy looking around at the guitars on the walls . Little did we know he would gravitate to guitar as much as he has. Michael is the Perfect instructor for our son. He just gets him, knows every song Jack wants to learn, and is just an all around amazing teacher!

Gene J.


This dude is like a mad scientist. Not only is he really professional and friendly but he really knows his stuff. It makes the entire experience much less intimidating. It is really easy to ask that other instructors have struggled to give me good answers.

Cynthia Chavez


Micheal is PHENOMENAL! To say the least. My first guitar lesson was just filled with positivity and great energy. I’m all about energy especially when It comes to learning something new.. it’s been a whole month already and I’m already close to being able to play an entire song. Thank you so much Michael. Can’t wait to see where I’m at in the following months.

Paula Bluestone


One of the best instructors available. Passionate, consistant and committed. He has knowledge that takes the student who wants fundamentals to ability to the level it needs to be in order to enjoy the experience of playing an instrument that appears easy to play but is incredibly difficult. Paula Bluestone

Eljie Bragasin


I took lessons with Michael for over 5 years until I had to move away to start college. He is a great guy to talk to and learn from and we still talk about guitars and music today. He is a great teacher, being able to challenge the student to learn while also instilling a passion for music. He also taught me to play classical guitar which is something not all guitar teachers are experts in. I attribute the skills I have now to Michael and would highly recommend choosing him as an instructor.

Christian O.


Micheal is very friendly teacher who encourages you and has a positive attitude. You can really tell he is passionate and very knowledgeable when it comes to music. He constantly tries to help his students develop their abilities while also encouraging them to have fun.

Scott G.


I played a little when I was in Junior High and had not picked up my guitar in years. Michael is super knowledgeable and works around my crazy schedule.

Mark Parent


Mike has helped me for many years become a pretty good hobby guitarist. You get what you put into it and I fortunate to have Mike's input to support my goals. Thank you Mike! Mark

Andrea Donner


I have been taking guitar lessons from Michael for about 6 months. Michael has modified the lessons to my abilities and needs, since I am a senior citizen. He is very experienced, knowledgeable, and patient. The lessons are really fun and rewarding.