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“Maui Mike” – Written & Recorded By Michael Lyn

Michael Lyn Recording With Rare Violin Guitar

Recording title: Maui Mike

Music Genre: Island


I was just lightening my mood by having fun writing and singing about Maui Mike. When I saw this image, I knew it was perfect to go with this song. How could anyone not love “Maui Mike”!


During the time of Covid and with all the shut downs, many of us experienced sad thoughts and bouts of minor depression. This is exactly what inspired me to write “Maui Mike”! A frivolous song written with the intention of making us smile and adding a little fun to all our lives.

Let’s all be like Maui Mike!

Michael Lyn With Guitar
Michael Lyn | Song Writer & Musician

Instruments and Techniques Used for "Maui Mike" 

Basically, we simply collected a series of photos and video clips, then organized them into short clips to match the different verses in the song. Again, the focus was fun in the sun and living day to day with Maui Mike!

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