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Battle of Culloden – Written and Recorded By Michael Lyn

Michael Lyn Recording With Rare Violin Guitar

Recording title: Battle of Culloden

Music Genre: Celtic


As shown in the video, all the instruments were played myself. Instruments played include the TogaMan Guitar Viol, Veillette 12 String Soprano Guitar, Requinto Nylon String Guitar and varied use of everything else that most any songwriter would already have in the studio.


The Battle of Culloden is a well known historical battle, brought to light in the TV series, Outlander. Mike was inspired to create this recording after thinking about what these men went through at this conflict. The depiction of the battle scenes in the series really ignited the idea to write this song.

Michael Lyn With Guitar
Michael Lyn | Song Writer & Musician

Instruments and Techniques Used for "Battle of Culloden" 

This instrumental piece was NOT digitally created! All the music and sounds heard in audio tracks were recorded by Mike while playing several different guitars and other instruments. This can be seen while watching the video. The entire composition was written, recorded and arranged by Michael Lyn.

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