“American Hero” – Written & Recorded By Michael Lyn

Michael Lyn Recording With Rare Violin Guitar

Recording Title: American Hero

Music Genre: Blues


This song and video is dedicated to those heroes who have died or survived protecting our lives both at home and abroad.


Mike has a great love for his country and even more so for those who fought and continue to fight for our freedom, law and order. Listening to American Hero, Mike’s feelings about this subject is highly transparent.

Michael Lyn With Guitar
Michael Lyn | Song Writer & Musician

Instruments Used for "American Hero" 

Basically, we took a collection of video clips and photos, stitched them together and did our best to make sure all the assets matched the words in the song. The best part about this video are the 2 or 3 short clips showing Mike playing the guitar. As you will see, it’s real human musician/vocalist playing and singing. The audio has NOT been created digitally!

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