Guitar Concierge

Personalized Concierge Service for Buying Guitars and Accessories

Buying a Guitar

So you walk into a Guitar Center or mom & pop guitar shop and "BOOM" you are deluged
with the sight of 40, 80 or even 200 different types of guitars Sensory Overload.

Can you trust the guy that works there who's obviously partial to the folks that
write his pay check?

Your looking at guitars from ALL over the world: Indonesia, Malasia, China, Viet Namm, the Philippines, Korea, Japan, Mexico and at the top of the "guitar food chain"you may even see guitars from the place where ALL these designs originated from...America!

To know the difference in build, tone, straightness of neck, fret quality, as well as neck scale and
width for the hands that will be playing on it can be challenging.

With over 30 years of experience in this field....these are a few of the considerations we go over
when obtaining a good quality beginner, intermediate or advanced guitar purchase as well as amplifier pairing, cables, pedals, cases and the other necessary accessories, not to mention the "Music Stand".

Buying an Amp

In the past, I've helped many customers and students make the right choices when buying amps.

We all know, visiting a large music store to buy a guitar is an overwhelming and often becomes a confusing experience. You might think the sales people would be able to help but unfortunately, that's not often the case. Remember, it's the sales person's job to sell, regardless of your needs! This is where I can help!

In my years of experience as a teacher I've seen new and inexperienced students come in with an amp that did not work as it should with their guitar or the style of music they plan to learn. of course, once they've made their purchase, it's often too late.

When you're ready to buy your amp, contact me for help and I'll help set you on the right path.

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